Wood Floor Business


1. Wood floors add a classic touch to any home or office space. Especially when they are well-cared for, they can last a long time. You can launch a wood floor refinishing business that will allow you to restore floors that are either drab or flawed. A comprehensive knowledge of the most customary types of wood flooring is essential in aiding you with rapidly assessing and repairing many flooring issues, including floors that are damaged by water or are experiencing discoloration. Also, familiarity with various waxing and buffing techniques, as well as what kinds of chemical treatments aid in the restoration process, is necessary in order for you to grow your wood floor refinishing business from start to finish. Below are the steps you will need to begin launching your business today.

2. Get in touch with your local Small Business Administration office, or your county clerk’s office. This is where you will apply to receive a business license so that you can officially launch your wood floor refinishing business.

3. Do not forget to go ahead and purchase business insurance. This is needed to secure company equipment and vehicles from either being stolen or harmed. Another handy benefit of business insurance is that it additionally helps ensure the protection of business assets in case a lawsuit or settlement should arise.

4. Go ahead and set up a home office or find an office space to lease. This way you will have a designated space to keep customer files, business documents, as well as supplies and wood refinishing equipment. Next, either acquire a company vehicle through direct purchase or lease. It will be needed in order to move equipment and employees to job sites.

5. Go through the hiring process to obtain good employees who will be an asset to the company.

6. Procure buffers, floor stain removal equipment, and any other wood refinishing equipment needed to successfully complete a job. Be sure to adequately train employees how to use the equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

7. Advertising is crucial, so producing catchy brochures, fliers, or business cards is helpful. This way you can begin to get the word out there and promote your new business in wood refinishing and wood flooring maintenance.

8. In addition to advertising, also be sure to list your wood refinishing service within local business directories for additional exposure.

9. Do not be afraid to sell yourself and your services by directly contacting local businesses in the area, property management companies, home remodeling companies, as well as interior design firms. You can also ask for referrals.

10. Media is key to marketing, so create a custom website that showcases photographs of completed jobs, restorations, as well as customer testimonials. Be sure to list the contact information to your business, as well as your hours of operation.