Hardwood Refinishing

Hardwood Refinishing


Restore Hardwood floors on Actual JOB SITE Training

Floor Restore Academy prides itself on being a family-owned business that follows a set of principles and values. We now have had more than eight years of experience in providing facilities across the United States and Canada. If you are a self-starter and like the idea of working for yourself, this could be the opportunity you have been waiting for. In fact, hardwood floor refinishing has been on the rise, and has become more common. This prevalent practice can be turned into a business that is self-sustaining and profitable. Residential homes and businesses alike need thousands of floors constructed every year. Since the cost of lumber and labor continues to increase, these home and business owners have continually searched for clever ways to guard their investments.
One of these including having floors constructed that are guaranteed to last a long time. For example, a refinished wood floor that is professionally installed is a fantastic investment to make because of its longevity. Through time, it will end up paying for itself. That is where Floor Restore Academy comes in – we offer motivated individuals the training, equipment, and products needed to create a business that is advantageous and worthwhile. Take full advantage of this offer today by signing up to be a Floor Restore Expert that serves your immediate and surrounding area. Floor Restore Academy provides you with the skills and equipment that you need to get started
We will provide you with a NO-SANDING System that is user-friendly, easy, and efficient. To be more precise, it is an entire system comprised of hands-on training, sales and marketing assistance, and top-notch commercial floor products. You will have the capacity to make between $275.00-$420.00 for every room that is completed. To date, over 17 million homes within the boundaries of the United States display floors that are made of wood. In addition, the majority (approximately 2 out of 3) of such residential homes have incurred damage to their flooring and are in need of a repair or restoration.
Floor Restore Academy prides itself in incorporating a system that has a procedure comprised of 3 steps (no sanding required). While it is true that sanding may be a more conventional technique when it comes to refinishing, we are also aware of the excessive dust and inconvenience that it generates for home and business owners. Rather, Floor Restore Academy prides itself in our top-of-the-line eco-friendly and green-certified product formulas that have the capacity to refinish the wood topcoat and bypass sanding altogether. In fact, it is an efficient and easy procedure requiring two individuals. In addition, the job is traditionally completed within the span of 4-5 hours, assuming that no major repairs come up.

Below is an outline of all that Floor Restore Academy has to offer you at a very affordable price:

Comprehensive Classes on Wood Floor Restoration
Necessary Products and Training Materials
Excellent Customer Service with Constant Support
How to Boost Sales and Increase Profit Margins
Training that Includes Lead Setting and In-Home Presentations
On-Site Training Facilities in Dallas, TX

How Floor Store Academy benefit you

In our training classes, we offer comprehensive materials on how to boost sales and increase profit margins. We will give you the ins and outs of sales and marketing so that you can turn your passion into a sustaining and profitable business. Suppose you have finished restoring a hardwood floor. It would take approximately 1 day in order to complete the project from beginning to end, including preparing the floor, refinishing, and cleaning up. Therefore, it is easy to see the benefit in Floor Restore Academy so that you can learn a more cost-effective and efficient way to restore floors that does not include sanding in the process.

What Our Training Program Teaches You

You will learn a cost-efficient and easy way to restore and rejuvenate wood floors without sanding. With Floor Restore Academy, you will discover industry tips and tricks to accomplish things in an easier and more profitable manner by going through our training program and receiving our full training manual:
Proper Inspection of and Assessment Techniques for Wood Floor Damage
How to Tell if a Wood Floor is Repairable
Knowledge of Which Wood Floor Conditions are Beyond Repair
Different Wood Floor Conditions and What They Mean in Terms of Repairs
The Best Way to Conduct Minor Floor Repairs
The Most Efficient Way to Benefit from the Floor Restore Academy System
Tips and Tricks to Introducing and Selling Various Types of Hardwood Floors
Learning to Properly Valuate Wood Floor Repair Job Opportunities

The Floor Restore Academy breaks its process down into five simple steps that include the following points:

Properly Assessing and Prepping the Room/Floor
Utilizing the No-Sanding Techniques Taught
Completing All Necessary Repairs
Concluding with a Topcoat
Finishing the Floor Restoration